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Welcome Thru Effingham is a sketch comedy podcast brought to you by the St Louis-based comedy writers at Sketchpad Comedy. Originally known as STL SketchPAD was created in 2014 as a way for local comedy writers to get their written work performed on stage without having to worry about silly things like lights, paying rent for stage time, or having enough material to put on an entire show. We’d love for you to check out one of our never-to-be-seen-again monthly shows. If you recently thought to yourself “man, my face just doesn’t laugh enough.” Then this is the show for you! Also, that’s weird self-talk – we like it. We like you. Click for information about our next show. If you’d like to learn more about how you can see a show or even participate yourself, check back often and consider signing up for the newsletter. We will never spam you and we promise that we will only email you about comedy in St. Louis (unlike Groupon who will email you mercilessly, even after you’ve unsubscribed 4 times. I don’t need to save 15% on a trip to Branson, Groupon! Geez.).
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Welcome Thru Effingham features characters and stories (that we made up) about the little town with the Big Ol' Cross; Effingham IL. Based upon the sketch comedy stylings of Sketchpad Comedy, it explores everything involved in small town life; political scandals, dating sites, satanic cult worshipping, superheroes and more. 

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Welcome Thru Effingham is produced by Hugmonster Sound and is a part of the St. Louis podcast network STLVernacular.


Jun 30, 2016

We've finally come to the season finale of season 2. Well, part 1 of this season's finale, anyway. An old friend returns and we have the grand opening of the brand new Flaming Hearts football stadium! What could possibly go wrong?


Welcome Thru Effingham is created and performed by Sketchpad Comedy and produced by Hugmonster Sound with STL Vernacular. This episode features Shea Ballentine, Jason Flamm, Erica Lee, Nathan Maul, Angela Smith, and Kevin Strader.

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About Welcome Thru Effingham

Sketchpad Comedy creates Welcome Thru Effingham. Sketchpad Comedy is a sketch comedy group based in St. Louis to help human people create comedy. Sorry aliens. 

Sketchpad Comedy began in July of 2014. It started with STL SketchPAD, a live sketch comedy show that is put on by writers and performers in St. Louis, MO. Since then the team at Sketchpad has helped over 80 writers put on hundreds of live sketches. Their motto is simple: They believe comedy should be accessible to anyone who wants to write, perform, or watch it. They accomplish this through community, collaboration, and creation. 

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